# Getting Started

# Before Installation

# Dependences

  • Node.js
  • hexo
  • git

For bigginers with no background knowledge about Hexo and Node.js, please visit Hand by hand installation guide

# Configurate hexo blog

You need to clone your hexo blog source code on your server and configure hexo and git commands.

In this tutorial, we assume that you have cloned the hexo blog source code into ~/myblog. Correspondingly, the hexo configuration file should be in ~/myblog/_config.yml.

Please make sure that the following commands can run successfully in the path ~/myblog:

  • hexo generate: Generate hexo blog
  • hexo deploy: Generate hexo blog and deploy
  • git add . --all && git commit -m'server updates': add blog changes to git
  • git pull: pull blog content from remote
  • git push: push local blog content to remote

Optional configuration

If you do not need the deploy method from hexo, hexo deploy is unnecessary. If you don't need remote git storage, git pull and git push are unnecessary.

# Installation

# Default installation

Download source code

We assumes that you will install winwin-hexo-editor in ~/winwin-hexo-editor.

git clone https://github.com/YuJianghao/winwin-hexo-editor
cd winwin-hexo-editor

Security warning

Please do not deploy the blog source code or winwin-hexo-editor to websites' root directories, such as /www or /www/wwwroot/. This will cause security issues.

Install Dependences

yarn # or npm

Run Installer

bash install.js

Start service

# without pm2
npm run start

# with pm2
npm run prd

Then open http://localhost:5777 from your browser.

# With custom server address

Just open http://yourserveripaddress:5777.

# With domain

You need to configure your HTTP server proxy.

# Update

bash update.js

Remember to restart your service manually after update.

# Uninstall

Just delete entire winwin-hexo-editor folder. winwin-hexo-editor has never changed other files.

# Other commands

# stop
npm run stop
# restart
npm run restart

# for development
npm run dev
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